The structure which has a characteristic pattern receives the name of net. This term, which comes from the Latin word challenge, it is used in various fields, but it is very frequent in the computing to name the set of teams that are interconnected and share resources .

It is possible to classify a network in different ways according to its scope, the functional relationship of its components and its method of Connection . The notion of WAN network It is framed in the classification of a network according to its scope.

WAN is the acronym of Wide Area Network , an expression in English that can be translated as Wide Area Network . This means that the WAN network It is a type of network that covers distances of about 100 to about 1,000 kilometers, which allows you to provide connectivity to several cities or even an entire country.

The WAN networks can be developed by a company or one organization for private use, or even by an Internet provider (ISP , Internet Service Provider ) to provide connectivity to all your customers.

Usually the WAN network works point to point, so it can be defined as a switched packet network . These networks, on the other hand, can use systems of radio or satellite communication.

Among the components of the WAN network the computers that are dedicated to running the user programs and that are called hosts ; the routers that specify the division between the transmission lines and the switching elements; and subnets formed from the interconnection of several hosts.

Its transmission speed is between 1 Mbps and 1 Gbps, although the latter limit can change dramatically with technological advances. The WAN network is used to establish private communications and the main means of transmission on which it is based are the optical fiber and the telephone cable. It offers great versatility to make modifications to the software and the hardware of the equipment that links and also allows to establish connections with other networks.

WAN network advantages

* it allows the use of special software so that mini and macrocomputers coexist among its network elements;
* it is not limited to specific geographical spaces;
* offers a wide range of transmission media, such as links satellites.

Disadvantages of the WAN network

* equipment with a large memory capacity should be used, since this factor has a direct impact on the speed of access to information;
* It does not stand out for the security it offers to its users. Viruses and the elimination of programs are two of the most common evils suffered by the WAN network.

There are several types of WAN network, and three of them are grouped under the network classification commuted (in physics, switching consists in changing the destiny of a signal or of an electric current):

* By circuits

To establish a communication, this type of WAN network requires that a call be made and only when the connection is made does each user have a direct link.

* By message

Your switches are usually computers that fulfill the task of accepting the traffic of each terminal that is connected to them. These teams evaluate the address in the message header and can store it for later use. It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to delete, redirect and reply messages automatically.

* By packages

Each message sent by the users is divided users and they are transformed into a number of small parts called packages, which are reunited once they reach the destination equipment, to reconstruct the initial data. These packets move through the network independently, and this has a positive impact on traffic, in addition to facilitating the correction of errors, since in case of failures only the affected parts should be resent.